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If you’re having trouble keeping up with your monthly payments, it may be time to look into debt negotiation. At Debt Free USA, we work with consumers, like yourself, all over the country to negotiate high-interest debts that that becomes challenging to keep up with.

We work with your creditors from banks, credit card issuers, and other lenders, to fairly negotiate a settlement of debt on your behalf, which reduces the total amount you owe on unsecured debt and creates an affordable monthly payment plan that fits your budget.

At Debt Free USA we specialize and take pride in bringing debt relief to our clients all over the country. Working towards paying off your debt is the first step in being able to live Debt Free.

What is Debt Negotiation?

Debt negotiation, also called debt settlement, is the method of working with creditors such as credit card companies and other lenders to reduce the amounts you owe and move that amount into a new affordable payment that pays off the debt in a certain period of time.

The Debt Negotiation Process

Debt Negotiation may sound like a scary and overwhelming process, but it is the first step in helping you get your finances back in order. At Debt Free USA we offer a proven debt relief program that revolves around credit card negotiation and other loan or line of credit negotiation. Here are the steps we take to ensure a positive debt resolution experience for you:

How Our Debt Negotiation Process Works?

Debt Relief Consultation

Credit Report

Your Debt Negotiation Team

Debt Settlement

Program Graduation

Step 1: Debt Relief Consultation

Every Debt Free USA client speaks with a Debt Resolution specialist so we may understand your specific situation. We will review your current debt including credit cards, housing payments, student loans, and other monthly bills to understand the full scope of your expenses. We will gain an understanding of your estimated interest rates to see the length of time your debt will continue.

At this time we will help you review your options from credit counseling to the debt settlement process, review any potential impacts to your credit score, and help you preliminarily determine if the Debt Free USA Debt Negotiation program is the best fit for you.

Step 2: Credit Report

With your permission, we will review your credit report to understand your exact liabilities including credit card debt, lines of credit, and any other loans that appear as consumer credit. We will help you answer any questions about your current credit report before making a final recommendation on if the Debt Free USA Debt Negotiation program would be the best fit for you.

Step 3: Your Debt Negotiation Team

Once you’re accepted into the program we will introduce you to your debt negotiation team. This is the team that will be working with you until program graduation on your credit card settlements and other negotiations. This team is experts on negotiating credit card debt and other forms of debt relief that will help you become Debt Free as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Debt Settlement

As we continue throughout your personalized debt resolution plan, we will be working with your creditors on debt negotiations and debt settlements that will help you get back on the track of financial success. We will communicate with you on credit card settlements and other debt settlements that have been negotiated with your approval. We will then provide written communication on each forgiven debt that was negotiated on your behalf.

Step 5: Program Graduation

At the end of the program you will have paid off your revolving debt and no longer owe your existing credit card issuers or other lenders money. You will have successfully achieved debt resolution as a stepping stone to becoming Debt Free!

Why Debt Free USA?

The experts at Debt Free USA have been in the debt negotiation and debt settlement field for 10+ years and have successfully achieved thousands of credit card settlements and other debt resolutions for satisfied clients. Each Debt Resolution specialist reviews your needs and personalizes a debt relief plan based on your goals and budget. Give us a call today to understand more about the Debt Resolution process and how you can become Debt Free in as little as 12-months.

Why is the Debt USA Debt Negotiation Program so Successful?

The success of the Debt Free USA Debt Negotiation program is built on understand our clients’ needs and personalizing a plan for debt resolution in a timeframe that meets the goals and budget of the client themselves.

Debt Free USA has much experience in successful credit card settlements and other debt settlements that allows us to be a leader in our industry amongst other debt settlement companies.

At Debt Free USA we are with you from Day 1 through Program Graduation to ensure your experience is a positive one that leads to successful debt relief and peace of mind throughout your journey in the program.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect us to work for you by effectively communicating with you and negotiating and settling debts in a way that meets the needs and goals of the plan we establish.

You can expect us to act in your best interest and a trusted resource throughout your debt relief program.

You can expect us to push you to complete the Debt Negotiation program as quickly and as painfulness as possible. We work for you throughout the process.

Our Proven Debt Negotiation Results

Debt Free USA has managed credit card settlements and other debt settlements from $10,000 to $250,000 for thousands of clients throughout the United States. We have reduced client monthly payments by upwards of 75% into a one consolidated and affordable monthly payment.

Additionally, we have helped our clients pay off debt over an average of 12 – 48 months with debts that would normally be paid off over 10 years with minimum monthly payments.

On average, Debt Free USA has settled debts for 30% – 60% of the total debt amounts. To view examples of our credit card negotiations and other debt resolutions please view our results page by clicking here.