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For many of our clients, Debt Consolidation is an important objective to achieve their debt resolution goals. Whether consolidating debt through a loan or as a step toward debt negotiation, the Debt Free USA Debt Consolidation solution will assist you to consolidate high-interest credit card debts in one reduced, easy to manage payment.

With a Debt Free USA Debt Consolidation Loan, we can transfer your credit card balances or other high-interest rate debts into one, manageable loan with reduced monthly payments. Our debt consolidation loans have set repayment terms that save money.

If a debt consolidation loan doesn’t meet your needs, our debt negotiation program allows you to consolidate your high-interest debt into a debt relief option that achieves a similar goal. For more information about the Debt Free USA Debt Negotiation Program click here.

What is Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is a method of taking a credit card, personal loan, and other high-interest credit balances and putting them into one, consolidated, easy to manage, and affordable loan. This loan normally carries a lower interest rate and fixed term so you can pay off your debt within a reasonable timeframe.

The Debt Consolidation Process

At Debt Free USA, we understand that managing multiple credit cards, loans , and other debts can be burdensome and stressful. Before turning to Debt Free USA to consolidate debt, most of our clients had various due dates throughout the month, a variety of minimum payment amounts, and ranging interest rates. The Debt Consolidation process aims to manage your credit card consolidations into one easy to manage and affordable payment that excludes prepayment penalties.

Whether we help you gain a credit card consolidation loan or consolidate your personal loans, Debt Free USA is committed to helping you get the loan offer you deserve. Here are the steps we take to ensure a great Debt Consolidation experience:

Step 1

Debt Consolidation Consultation

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Program Initiation

Step 5

Program Graduation

Step 1: Debt Consolidation Consultation

As a potential Debt Free USA client, we want to ensure that we understand your goals and budget before making a recommendation. During our initial phone consultation we will discuss your debts from credit cards and personal loans to student loans and home equity loans. We want to make sure we capture your full debt load and total monthly burden.

At this time we will also discuss the Debt Free USA Debt Consolidation program to help you understand how we may be able to help. We will review the Debt Consolidation process and make an initial recommendation based on our conversations.

Step 2: Application

If we jointly agree to move forward with a Debt Consolidation loan through Debt Free USA, we must submit an application in order to review your credit. This process will help us understand if you will be approved for a debt consolidation loan based on the details in your credit report.

Our team of Debt Resolution experts are trained to uncover all opportunities within your credit report. This means that even clients with low credit scores or challenging credit history still have the opportunity to become approved.

(As advisors, our role is to help you resolve your debt. Even if you don’t become approved for a Debt Consolidation loan, we have other debt relief options that may be able to assist you reach the same goal.)

Step 3: Approval

Once your Debt Consolidation loan is approved we will help you get your credit card balances transferred within ten business days. We will also make sure you receive all your loan documents and all paperwork is signed in good order.

If your loan is denied for any reason we will go over other options that you may still have to consolidate your debt. Our Debt Resolution specialists will explain your next steps.

Step 4: Program Initiation

Once your Debt Consolidation loan is underway, all you need to do is make your agreed upon monthly payment on the assigned due date each month for the term of the loan.

Our Debt Resolution team will continue to be available to you in case a situation changes or you need to adjust one of the terms of your loan.

Step 5: Program Graduation

Once the term of the loan has expired and all payments have been made you will have graduated the Debt Consolidation program successfully. Some of our client graduations happen when the loan is paid off early, which reduces the total interest paid. (There is no early loan payoff penalty.)

Why use Debt Free USA for Debt Consolidation?

The experts at Debt Free USA have been helping clients with Debt Consolidation solutions for 10+ years and have successfully put 1,000+ clients on the road to becoming Debt Free. Once you work with a Debt Resolution specialist they will review your personal situation to uncover your goals and budget in order to identity the right Debt Consolidation plan.

When the Debt Consolidation loan is not the right solution, our team is able to make other recommendations that may meet your consolidation needs. Our goal is to put you on the path of becoming Debt Free.

Why is the Debt Free USA for Debt Consolidation Solution Effective?

Many clients come to us with several credit card, line of credit, and loan debts that contain high-interest rates, varying payment terms, and no end dates. This causes our clients to continue to make minimum payments without ever being able to make headway on paying off their debt.

With our Debt Consolidation program , we review all of your debt and identify opportunities to put the highest interest debts into a Consolidation Loan with a lower interest rate. This ultimately reduces the amounts you pay your creditors in interest. Our plan also helps pay off debts in a reasonable amount of time with an affordable monthly payment.

What to Expect from Us?

You can expect the experts at Debt Free USA to work in a consultative manner to assist you. We will help you review your debts, identify which debts have the highest interest rates, show you how long your minimum payment will last, and answer your questions.

You can also expect us to be solution-oriented and find alternative consolidation solutions if the Debt Consolidation Loan is not your best option.

We are committed to providing you a high left of service built on trust, integrity, and strong communication from your first interaction with us through program graduation.